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5 Easy Steps To Creating The Best Grilled Vegetables In The Universe

Best Grilled Vegetables
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No matter what you’re grilling this summer, the one food that goes with everything is vegetables. And grilled vegetables not only look like summer, they taste like summer. A perfect char is a thing of beauty, and incredibly easy to mess up. Here are 5 tips to ensure that barbecue season’s most important side dish doesn’t end up in compost bin.

1. Chop Them Evenly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a step that’s often overlooked. Cutting them up into uniform chunks will allow them to cook thoroughly.

2. Practice The Buddy System

Nothing’s sadder than seeing your organic vegetables fall through the grates. Stop it from happening by making kebobs, placing them in a foil packet to steam, or using a vegetable basket.

3. Avoid Water

In your vegetables, that is. Instead of veggies with high water content, like cucumbers and celery, opt for sturdy vegetables, like corn, tubers and even Romaine.

4. Add Vinegar

Just like when you’re turning your sweet potatoes into chips, a dash of vinegar will heighten the flavor. After you coat your veg in olive oil, salt and pepper, add a few dashes of vinegar to turn up the taste before they hit the grill.

5. Sear Them First

To keep your veggies from burning on the grill, sear them over high heat and then promptly move them to a cooler area of the grill to continue cooking. This will prevent a charred exterior and raw interior. Even better, precook the vegetables and then sear them on the grill before serving to give them some grill marks and extra flavor.

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