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4 Foods That Can Increase Your Cannabis High

When it comes to getting higher, America is right at the front lines pushing for the most potent cannabis and charged treats. Since we’re still not quite on the other side of prohibition, research is suffering from an embargo as old as a millennials’ grandparents, but people have been pushing the cannabis high envelope all the same.

You too can hack your cannabis high with certain foods and drinks with a simple trip to the grocery store. Sure, the science is way behind, but if there was a Neil DeGRASSe Tyson doing a Weed Talk podcast, all of these mysterious connections could be spelled out, and we would see an aisle full of fine-tuned, high-friendly foods already at our fingertips.

Even though the human endocannabinoid system is only just being truly researched, we still know some ways to get extra high, and though these tips aren’t 100-percent proven, they’re backed up with some preliminary info.

Terpenes are volatile scent molecules that give us the complex notes found in cannabis and hundreds of other plants. They’re about to become crucial factors, when paired with weed, they can kickstart your ki-ki and take you to the couch, the gym or even into a peaceful slumber.


Eating a curry, particularly a rich, coconut milk Thai curry, is one of the most synergistic things you can eat before smoking. The dish is heavy on herbs, spice and good fats sending your terpene stock so high that your brains have no choice but to follow. Estragole, found in basil and mint, mingle with myrcene from lemongrass and limonene from lime. This combination of chemicals means you get more mileage out of the cannabis you consume. But beware: An edible wolfed before this creamy delight feels can sometimes twice as strong.


Photo by Flickr user Sean Bonus
Photo by Flickr user Sean Bonus

Mango is the first thing you find when looking up foods that increase a cannabis high, but it’s not as simple as eating before toking. The terpene myrcene is not only present in both weed and mangoes, its percentage determines whether or not a strain is an Indica or Sativa. Myrcene has a lengthy list of health benefits, and when combined with cannabis it facilitates an extra baked feeling that helps relieve more pain and induce additional euphoria.

I’ve found that mangos work best when consumed raw, allowing the juices to absorb into your saliva glands, as your stomach can neutralize too much to make a difference. Remember that these are volatile organic compounds.


Photo by Wil Stewart via Unsplash
Photo by Wil Stewart via Unsplash

Grabbing a beer is one of the most tried and true ways to get an extra cannabis high. Not only does the alcohol magnify the effects of THC sometimes threefold, beer in particular is absolutely loaded with terpenes from their main ingredient, hops. They even look like weed, y’all. Even one beer can make you feel higher, and a craft quality IPA, where hops are the dominant flavor, are loaded with the limonene and pinene that can make you less anxious and inhibited, probably why beer and weed have been party fuel for ages.


Photo by Natalie Collins via Unsplash
Photo by Natalie Collins via Unsplash

Weedballin’, or combining cannabis and caffeine, is the performance drug combo of countless people. The more research done into the control and care of anxiety and attention disorders suggest that there may be a vital role for cannabis to play. In the meantime, my favorite high enhancer is a big cup of strong coffee, which has terpene cafestol’s potent aroma right up against the sweet familiar smell of fresh bud. This combo may not make you higher, but you might get the best work of your life done on it.

Foods that are strong in flavor and scent are driven by the same chemicals that make weed do its thing. Cannabinoids are devoid of all scent, terpenes are responsible for many of the qualities we chalk up to THC. Terpenes are nature’s communicators and are responsible for the red in tomatoes and the sharp green tang of a pine tree.

There’s over 100 terpenes present in the cannabis plant alone, so try different foods for yourself and pay attention to how they effect your high.


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