Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Joey Fatone’s Hot Dog Stand Sparks Chaos At Mall

Everyone’s favorite big brother, the guy who feeds you ice cream and Whopperitos when mom and dad aren’t home, is at the center of a little mall drama in Florida. Joey “I’m not in a band anymore” Fatone, also known as the only NSYNC member who could pull off facial hair, launched a hot dog kiosk brilliantly named Fat One’s at The Florida Mall recently. And during a standard fire inspection on Thursday afternoon, several balloons were popped, scaring shoppers into thinking they were targets of a wayward gunman.

Even though an announcement was made on the PA system alerting everyone to the impending inspection, people still freaked out. (An alarm that sounded immediately after the popping sure didn’t help). And remember, it was a little more than two months ago that the Orlando nightclub massacre happened.

Shopper Mark Comer tells WFTV: “People were bumping into things, getting stepped on, falling, children getting dragged by their arms.”

CBS News reports nine people were treated at the scene, including four who were hospitalized for minor injuries.

Fat One’s is scheduled to open September 10. Fatone is expected to make an appearance. Just don’t ask him to sing.


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