Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Cheap Burglars Take Taxi To And From House They Robbed, Then Stiffed The Driver: Cops

Two miserly burglars were busted after they allegedly stiffed the taxi driver that took them to and from a house they robbed, prompting the driver to report them to the police.

The Associated Press reports that, according to police, Kenneth Burke, 46, and 38-year-old Timothy Foote took a taxi to a house in Deal, New Jersey and instructed the driver to wait outside. Sometime later, police say they emerged from the home with several liquor bottles and a TV, and told the driver to take them to an apartment in Asbury Park.

Burke and Foote might have gotten away with the crime had they not refused to pay the cabbie, who—perhaps as payback—called police to report their suspicious activity. Both men have since been arrested and charged with burglary, conspiracy, theft and criminal trespass.


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