Sunday, July 21, 2024

Here’s What We Have to Look Forward to On Black Friday

People lining up outside stores at the crack of dawn the morning after Thanksgiving so they can fall further into debt buying heavily discounted items for their families is now a beloved American tradition known as Black Friday. Each year, millions of shoppers flock to big box retailers like Walmart and Target for deals that often involve items available only in limited quantities, which of course means that some of those millions of people come to blows over who gets what. Below are some of the better videos of people duking it out for cheap smart phones, TVs, computer monitors, and more.

Here’s a compilation from 2014, which among other things shows people really battling it out over a limited-number of big screen televisions.

Watch a six-minute compilation from 2015 that opens with an all-out brawl and ends with hundreds of people literally stampeding into a store as its security gates open. In between, people angrily grapple over computer monitors and TVs as onlookers shout “World Star!” Fun!

And here’s a relatively-mild one from 2010 that shows just how many people are willing to stand outside a Target at 4 am.

Complex compiled ten of the “best” Black Friday incidents from last year, including a condescending Santa with a megaphone and two women punching each other over who gets to buy a $30 bicycle for children.

And finally, here’s a seven minutes “supercut” of Black Friday chaos from 2013, which includes a brutal fight in a parking lot and another during which someone is tackled through a door.

Now I feel depressed!

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