Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Watch This Man With Selfie Stick Swim In Lava For The Hell Of It

There are some people in the world who pride themselves on being daredevils, thriving off of adventures and moments where they get to take crazy risks. It all sounds really cool in theory, but in practice these people are just batshit crazy. Take this guys swimming in lava.

There’s an implicit survival rule in Hawaii that expects visitors and residents of the island to be wary of volcanoes, especially when lava is involved. During hiking trips and excursions, its recommended for people to wear the appropriate gear (heavy boots, thick pants, etc.) and to not deviate from the trails. There’s also volcanic fumes to worry about, which suck.

This guy didn’t get the memo.

In the video above we can see a man swimming towards the lava while still trying to maintain a respectful distance from it, equipped with a selfie stick to record his heroic moment. The video was shot by Kawika Singson, a Hawaiian photographer known for his daring images, where he also enjoys getting uncomfortably close to boiling lava. What’s up with these Hawaiians?

You can check out some of Singson’s videos and photographs below; they’re all terrifying but also really beautiful. 


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