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You Need To Watch This Video Of Four Girls Battling A Rat In Their Apartment

If you live in a major city you’re likely used to seeing rats outside or on the subway tracks. But running into one of the large rodents inside your house is an entirely different thing. Sure, you might host a mouse or two, but a full grown rat? Probably not. But if you did find one hiding in your house, the odds of you getting rid of it with the skill and fearlessness of the four young women below are practically nil.

The clip opens with a shot of one woman squatting on a toilet in the apartment’s bathroom, then pans to two other women armed with brooms standing in the hallway outside before turning to show a long, steep staircase leading to the building’s open front door. “Aren’t they scared? Wouldn’t they just be running?” someone asks before screaming as a large rat sprints out of the bathroom.

“Hit it!” one woman yells as the two with brooms quickly knock the rodent down the stairs, where an until-now unseen fourth woman hockey shots it straight out the door.

Watch the full video—which is an early contender for 2017 Best Picture—below.

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