Teen Who Jumped In Croc-Infested Waters To Impress Girl: “It Was All Worth It”

To be young and in love in Australia.

croc-infested waters
Photo by Flickr user Jimmy Jim Jim Shabadoo

Last week, we brought you the tale of a reportedly drunken teenager who was attacked by a crocodile after jumping into a croc-infested river in Australia on a dare from his friends. As it turns out, the teen was trying to impress a girl when he jumped in the water.

9News reports that Lee De Paauw was with group of his buddies early Sunday morning near a river in Queensland when he began to boast that crocodiles in the water would attack a foreigner before they’d attack a native-born Australian. He was apparently doing so to impress a 19-year-old woman, described by 9 News as a “beautiful backpacker.”

De Paauw felt so strongly that he decided to demonstrate his point by jumping in the water, where he was immediately attacked by a nine-foot crocodile.

“[The crocodile] took me underneath the water, shook its head a bit, and I managed to get a good punch in on its eye, and then it let go and I swam back to the stairs,” he said.

The woman who he was trying to impress, Sophie Paterson, described the gruesome scene to 9 News. “I’ve never heard a guy scream like that,” she said.

All’s well that ends well, though—Paterson was impressed enough by the stunt that she agreed to go on a movie date with De Paauw.

“It was all worth it,” he said.

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