Thursday, July 18, 2024

This Stranded Man Survived On His Own Urine And A Beer

A combination of trusting Google Maps and bad car luck left this man stranded in the desert for days.

Mick Ohman said he left home one day to take a leisurely drive through the Bradshaw Mountains in Arizona for lunch. After a particularly tough ride through a boulder-filled path, his car broke down. He was stranded without cell service, far from home.

According to ABC News, his only provisions were a half-full water bottle, two beers, a sandwich and some crackers in a lunchbox in his car. Depending on one’s level of health and age, a person can die from dehydration as quickly as a few days to a week. In the Arizona heat, Ohman was losing hydration quickly.

He recorded video messages to his loved ones and put notes on his car and phone, saying, “If you find this phone and I didn’t do so well, please tell my sisters how much I love them.” He resorted to drinking his own urine — which was better than drinking from the streams, he said.

More than 48 hours passed before he was able to find help, in the form of a biker riding through the mountains. He flagged the biker down and rode back to town with him to get help.

Moral of the story: Always pack more snacks.


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