Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Genius Burglar Doesn’t Flush And Gets Caught Because Of DNA

Andrew David Jensen was arrested on July 26th for suspicion of burglary. On October of 2016, there was a break in the city of Thousand Oaks, California and policemen were surprised to find that the toilet of the house hadn’t been flushed. Authorities suspected that it was the work of the burglar who, in the heat of things, forgot basic social rules.

“The suspect did his business and didn’t flush it”

Said Tim Lohman, the very concerned detective who’s leading the investigation. He also said how this was the first case he’d heard of where the police had gathered the suspect’s DNA from a toilet.

When people think of DNA evidence they usually think of hair samples or saliva”

I’m no expert, Mr. Lohman, but I think DNA’s everywhere in our bodies, especially in everything that comes from our insides. The detective said that he didn’t know if Jensen had an attorney and that his hearing was scheduled soon. 

The police department ran the DNA they had through their profile database and found a match. Authorities tracked down Jensen in his home and caught him, 9 months after the robbery had been committed. That sucks so bad and we have so many questions. Was it number 1 or number 2? Is Jensen berating himself over the fact that he could’ve gotten away with the perfect robbery but didn’t because he forgot to flush the toilet? What did he steal? We’ll never know.


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