Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Dicks By Mail Delivery Leads to Horror, Lawsuit in Dallas

A company called Dicks By Mail is in hot water after it sent an apparently unwanted package of penis-shaped candies to a Dallas woman, who claims the phallic delicacies are part of a sustained harassment campaign against her.

The Dallas News reports that Melody Lenox was sent the package of dick-shaped candies from Dicks by Mail on December 7. Lenox, who works in HR for Axxess Technology Solutions, claims the person who sent her the might be the same person who has recently keyed her car and posted several fake Craiglist ads purporting to be her.

To combat the perceived harassment, she’s filed suit against Dicks By Mail, demanding that the company release any personal information, including name, address, and telephone number, of the person who ordered the candy dicks.

“Our products are a lighthearted and humorous joke designed to amuse the recipient. By purchasing our products you represent that you are not using them to harass the recipient in any way or for any unlawful purpose,” Dicks by Mail says on their FAQ page on their website. “If you are not completely sure the recipient will understand the comedic novelty of our products, do not send.”

It’s unclear if Dicks by Mail will comply with the request or if they’ll fight it in court.


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