Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Watch A Vodka-Chugging, Nearly-Naked Norwegian Madman Frolic In An Ice-Covered Forest

We all deal with the first real day of winter in different ways. Those of us who dread the shorter days and frigid weather retreat to the indoors. Those of us who look forward to exploring and hiking through snow-covered landscapes can’t wait to unpack their winter jackets and gear, as do those who get excited about the return of their favorite winter sports. And a much, much smaller group of people celebrate the return of the season by stripping down to their underwear, chugging vodka, and then running around freezing, ice-plastered forrest.

For the third year in a row,  a middle-aged factory worker from Norway named Tor Eckhoff has filmed himself running through the woods while dressed only in his underwear. The videos show him jumping in and out of snow piles, pausing only to take huge swigs of vodka. In his most recent clip, he saws through a top layer of ice in an outdoor tub with a chainsaw so he can bath in the freezing water.

“I have always had a thing for cold water,” Eckhoff told the Daily Dot, adding that he isn’t paid by the vodka company—or anyone—for his deranged stunts.

So how does he manage to keep his composure during those his frozen forrest romps (not to mention, keep from freezing to death)?

“When you are ice swimming or messing around almost naked in the snow, you have a limited amount of time before you get too cold,” he said. “During that time you just have to handle the cold mentally.”

Watch Eckhoff’s most recent video below:

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