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Woman Asks Burly Firefighters to Crawl Through Her Window For Her 105th Birthday

For all of its downsides, aging has some perks. People treat you with respect, you get offered seats on the subway, movie tickets are cheaper and, if you’re Ivena Smailes, five hunky firefighters will help you celebrate your 105th birthday.

Smailes, who goes by Ivy, requested the firefighters’ presence for her big day, which she celebrated at the Addison Court Care Home in Crawcrook, England.

“[Ivy] sends us little challenges for her birthday every year and this year she asked for firemen,” Debra Carter, a worker at the facility in Addison, told ABC News. “We had the local fire brigade come…through the third floor balcony window. They were more than happy to help!”

The party also featured singers — who performed songs by some of Ivy’s favorite artists, including Elvis, Al Johnson, and Frank Sinatra — and dancing. 

“It was great!” Smailes said. “Out of this world.”

The centenarian has big plans for next year’s bash. “She’s already said that next year she wants to meet Prince Harry,” Carter said.

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