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4 Tips To Help You Safely Flush THC From Your Body

Despite the fact that cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states, there are still organizations that ask for drug tests. It could be a school, a prerequisite for acquiring a job, etc. If you’re a regular cannabis user, it’s important to know how these tests work and how to flush the THC out of your system.

When you consume cannabis, THC stays in your body long after the “high” feeling goes away. Matters get more complex once you account for the fact that there’s no precise way of knowing how long THC will stay in your system once you account for your body weight, metabolism, body fat, physical activity, frequency of use, potency of strain, and much more.

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It’s also important to know which drug test you’ll take since THC’s presence varies depending on what sample of your body the drug test is analyzing. For example, saliva tests have a short reach, measuring the presence of THC consumed a couple of days ago, while hair samples can show THC that was consumed over 3 months ago.

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Here are 4 safe ways that can help you get clean for a drug test. Be aware that the more time you have to prepare, the more successful these methods will be. They’ll help your body get rid of toxins, but it’s also important to remember that they can’t create miracles and are a bit of a gamble. In short: if you have a drug test coming up and it’s important for you to get a negative, steer clear of weed until you take it.

Dilution method

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This method works best for tests for urine tests, which measure THC in your urine sample. The dilution method works best when done at least three days ahead of time and it functions by basically drinking a lot of water, thus increasing your urine flow in order to dilute the drug concentration in the sample you’ll be providing. Diuretics like cranberry juice and coffee can help you speed the process along as well.

Since you’ll be drinking tons of fluids and your urine will be pretty clear-colored, NORML suggests taking vitamin B2, since it’ll color your urine yellow and will prevent suspicions from whoever’s analyzing your sample.

Test yourself

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If you know when the test will be and are nervous about your possible positive result, try testing yourself at home and checking up on your progress. Many drug abuse centers provide drug tests for free and there are also pharmacies, which sell home kits for drug testing.

Stall for time

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Try to postpone or reschedule your test if you feel like you’ll fail it. Every extra day gives you more time to get yourself clean.

Be careful of what’s online

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There are a million methods and marijuana detox kits that seem silly at best and dangerous at worst. Don’t fall for them and do your research. Most importantly, if you have a drug test coming up soon, get clean a few weeks in advance and stick to a cannabis-free environment for a while. It’s not forever, and it’ll do your body good to take a break and return to it once you’re stress-free.



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