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How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Circulatory System?

Blood tests are scary for regular marijuana users. Some jobs, insurance companies, and states require testing for a multitude of reasons, but users have a hard time knowing when they’re in the clear. It’s important to know all of this factors, especially if you’re expecting a test for whatever reason. So, how long does marijuana stay in your body?

Depending on the quantity that you smoke or consume, cannabis can stay in your system for a period that ranges from two to 15 days. Each body is different, and there are a few important factors that should always be taken into account, like your metabolism, the frequency and quantity of cannabis you consume, your body mass index, and your consumption method (edibles, smoking, etc.).

Occasional consumers can expect to be clean in a couple of days, but for moderate and heavy users it’s a different story. It’s expected that cannabis will stay in their system for about a week, so if you smoke regularly and have a test coming up, stop consuming cannabis for a minimum of 15 days. Your circulatory system is also affected by the way in which you consume cannabis. If you’re smoking, you can expect the THC to show up in your blood instantly, leaving your body in a shorter period of time. If you eat an edible, it’s a different case, because your liver has to first process the edible so that it can reach your bloodstream. Cannabis will probably stay in your blood longer.

Cannabis is not only present in your blood; it’s also in your urine and hair for a longer period of time, latching onto the fat. Cannabinoids are fat soluble, which means that if they’re not used, they’ll be stored in fatty tissue. Studies have demonstrated that working out makes these cannabinoids pop back into your blood system.

The main thing you need to know is which test you’ll be taking, so you can prepare accordingly and take the necessary measures to be sure that you’ll pass it. 

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