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4 Ways To Relieve A Marijuana Hangover

Marijuana hangovers do not last long. It’s the kind of deal where the afflicted can expect to start feeling normal within a couple of hours.

Have you ever had someone hand you an edible after the end of a long workweek along with some vague promise, like, “Here you go, man, this ought to make your weekend a little better.” At first, you were probably excited as all get out. That is until the next morning when the you couldn’t pull yourself out of bed because, deep down inside, you still felt a little messed up. Yikes, but here are 4 ways to relieve a marijuana hangover.

This is called a weed hangover, and, while it is not as crippling as one brought on by an overindulgence in alcohol, it can still make it difficult to function in the morning.  

A marijuana hangover can cause fatigue, irritability, and grogginess that can hinder the productivity of the day. So in the interest of getting everyone off on the right foot next time you’re offered some weed, here are four ways to pull yourself out of the funk of a cannabis hangover and return to your regularly scheduled life.

Sleep If You Can

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It might be best for everyone involved if you just stay in bed for a few more hours than usual. As with any hangover type of situation, the more rest, the better when it comes to the recovery process. If it’s Monday we’re talking about, going into work still feeling the effects of that weekend edible really only ensures that coffee is going to get spilled all over you or someone else (or your laptop!), and enough mistakes are going to be made for the higher-ups to take notice. Do everyone a favor and just clock in after your head is clear. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

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Eating a high protein breakfast is a solid first move. This will let your body know that party time is over and, like it or not, it’s grind time once again. Some experts say caffeinated beverages should be avoided during these times, as they have been known to worsen the symptoms of a weed hangover. Others believe caffeine helps with the recovery process and going without is really just a threat to public safety. 

Drink Plenty of Water

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No doubt, staying hydrated is the key to survival. So, maybe instead of sucking down coffee or other energy drinks all morning long, it would be to your benefit to consume a couple (or three) bottles of water before noon. Don’t deprive yourself of the caffeine needed to function like a human being, but just make sure to give the body plenty of water too. Although there is no evidence that marijuana causes dehydration, water seems to shorten the lifespan of a hangover. 

Exercise Your Body

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If you are one of these people who typically jumps out of bed and runs a few miles before work, you are already ahead of the game. Exercise is one of the best defenses against a marijuana hangover. But even if working out is not your thing, a simple walk around the block after breakfast can get the blood flowing enough to knock out the lingering effects of that edible. If you sit in front of a laptop all day, we highly advise getting your body moving to feel better faster.  

The critical thing to remember here is marijuana hangovers do not last long. It is the kind of deal where the afflicted can expect to start feeling normal within a couple of hours. Still, you might want to think about cutting that edible in half next time! That or take it before you go to church. We promise, it will make brunch with the in-laws a whole lot more fun!


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