Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tips To Manage Your High

For the canna newbie, you can sometimes overdose. In the wrong setting, it can be an issue…here are some tips


People are drinking less and consuming marijuana more. Like alcohol, sometimes you over indulge or you’re just not used to a Long Island Ice Tea and things hit you harder than you expect.  The same thing can be done with marijuana, experience or not, sometimes you go a bit farther you than you know, so here are some tips to manage your high.

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Probably the most easy if you are near or store or at a party, is lemonade. People who regularly use cannabis know having a drink nearby is a good idea for multiple reasons. Lemonade is particularly useful because citrus can be effective in helping offset the effects of THC due to the presence of the limonene terpenes that promote alertness upon consumption.

The best way to ingest the terpenes necessary to offset the effects of THC is to consume lemon slices or lemon peels. Having lemon slices also help your breathe. This may not be the most subtle way to go about managing your high, but no one will comment on you a chill beverage. Lemonade also provides people with the opportunity to quench the cottonmouth that comes with marijuana consumption.

Though it may seem unlikely, lemonade could be the best aid in helping to manage a seemingly uncontrollable high.

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Another one that may seem unusual is something that most people likely have stowed away in their medicine cabinet. Ibuprofen, while effective at treating head and body aches, has also shown to be effective in helping people manage their high after overindulging on THC.

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A 2013 study published in the journal Cell found a safe dosage of ibuprofen was instrumental in helping some patients offset the effects from THC.  Having a few ibuprofen on hand could be crucial in helping people overcome over serving.

Ibuprofen can be taken inconspicuously in public or in private. Either way, remembering the effects that they can have in offsetting an inconvenient high could be a lifesaver this holiday season.

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Whether it’s in the form of a vape pen or gummies, CBD could be the best resource in helping people deal with a high that they can’t shake. Scientific research shows evidence that the cannabinoid has properties that negate the effects of THC. Perhaps having a CBD pen, oil or gummies could be instrumental in overcoming an overbearing high.

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Taking that into consideration, people considering using CBD vape pens to overcome their high should be slightly more mindful of their setting since vaping isn’t universally accepted  and may raises questions or suspicions.  

Everyone has a bit too much at times, at worst you can go to sleep and later you can have some great stories. Be prepared if you are heading into a gathering where you need to stay focused, watch out and hopefully you can chill out and have fun.



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