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5 Best Ways to Break The Doomscrolling Habit

It is hard to avoid some of the negative news lately, but too much can be rough for you…here is some help to not get trapped with Doomscrolling

In the past, it was fairly easy to avoid constant bad news.  But in today’s tech  media world, it is difficult. Not only do you have legit news companies, you have clickbait and it seems tons of people feel to share their every thought on everything on social media.  What happened to sharing happy cat photos? Getting trapped in the rabbit hole of doomscrolling can truly mess with your mind.

Doomscrolling is getting trapped in scrolling bad news and not able to break away. Constant or frequent doomscrolling can wreck havoc on your mental health and/or your mood.  It reinforces negative thoughts and feelings. If you already trend toward depression or anxiety or are working through a mental health issue, it can exacerbate the issue.  Doomscrolling can increase these issue far beyond expectations. Often it lead to irritability, lack of productivity, poor concentration and mental fatigue.

Here are the 5 best ways to break the dommscrolling habit.

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Set boundaries

Some people want to see the news, what’s happening and just browse online. The issue is when the boundaries are ignored and you spend large amounts of time in a negative space.  In addition, with algorithms, you are fed more pieces around your focus. Thus, the more bad news you read, the more you will receive. It can make it seem there is nothing doom news.  It is important to set boundaries. Set a limit to scroll news for 20 minutes and look at at least X articles on positive/interesting news during the period.  At first it may seem hard, but it will help with perspective and change up your feed.

Seek good news

If you’re having a tough time staying away from social media, make sure you engage in positive things whenever you’re scrolling. Follow happy, interesting, enlightening accounts which lift you up and puts you in touch with things you enjoy. Start following your hobby or passion.  There seems to be an endless supply on Lego, cooking, pets and more online.

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Limit triggers

If politics are making you anxious, try blocking these topics for a time, at least until you’re in a better headspace to consume them. Use all of the tools at your disposal – block push notifications, mute people who get intense on social media and avoid topics which rile you. One effective method of filtering out news is to subscribe to a newsletter and use it as your main source of information.

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Live interaction can totally change your mood. Even a 5 minute call or a short walk can lift your spirits and improve your mental health. The interaction engages parts of your mind which can calm your anxiety.  Talking with a live friend promotes a sense of belong and security and helps balance your


If you’re feeling too caught up in negative feelings and need something to recenter yourself, try meditating. Use a guided app and disconnect from screens for a session which hopefully makes you feel present and can prevent you from going to an anxious place.


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