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5 Touristy Things You Should Always Do When Traveling To A New Place

Tourist activities like visiting Time Square and taking pictures with the local landmarks are generally looked down upon by locals and “seasoned” travelers. The word “tourist” already has a negative connotation to it, bringing up images of people and families taking up sidewalks as they take pictures and interrupt the flow of things.

People believe that the right kind of traveling means finding your own path in whatever place you are, something that sounds good but that’s also very limiting. What’s wrong with acting like a tourist every now and then?

While there are some activities that are legit tourist traps, there are some touristy treats that you shouldn’t miss out on because of what people say. Here are 5 of them.

Visit a museum

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While museums are crowded and not for everyone, it’s always a good idea to visit at least one of them while on a trip. Do your research and get a ticket for the museum that speaks most to you, be that because of the content, it’s historical importance or cost. Getting to know a city’s art is a big part of immersing yourself in its culture, which is one of the most satisfying perks of traveling.

Go on a boat tour

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If tourist buses are understandably too much for you, try out a boat tour. These tours tend to be much more relaxing than the former option and show you the layout of the city in a way that’s hard to see while walking or using public transportation. Another perk is that you won’t get stuck in traffic, which is my biggest selling point.

Go hiking

Hiking is a great option while traveling, allowing you to get some much needed workouts and to get in touch with some nature. It’s also an activity that can be easily squeezed in during your trip by simply waking up a little earlier than usual, getting your hike out of the way, and enjoying the rest of your trip while feeling like you took a little bit of care to your body.

Visit a place of worship

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No matter your faith, it’s always rewarding to visit a place of worship while traveling to a new place. Cathedrals and mosques are a big deal for a reason, showing you something that has stood for hundreds of years and that has provided refuge for millions of people.

Have some of the local food

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One of the best parts about traveling is always the food. Luckily, every place you travel to has their local dishes, which you should look into and try out. A simple Yelp or Facebook search will connect you with a beloved and nearby restaurant.



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