Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Weedstagram: ‘Mothership Glass’ Is The Account To Follow If You’re Looking For Beautiful Bongs

Instagram is home to all sorts of accounts (good and bad) that cater to a vast range of people with different interests. In order to help you weed out all the garbage, this column highlights the best Instagram marijuana accounts, whether that means theyโ€™re entertaining, informative, or just fun to look at.

Mothership is a glass bong store. As the name suggests, the shop’s influence lies withing space and science fiction, resulting in really trippy bongs, which clearly are the best type of bongs. Their Instagram account is a carefully curated set of photographs featuring their prettiest bongs, rigs and designs, with a few behind the scenes images that show how these devices are made. The downside here is that you’re going to want to buy one, and some of them are cost over $5,000. You still want to look at the pretty pictures, right?

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