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Artisanal Cannabis: 6 Types Of Marijuana To Match Every Mood

Just like your fingerprints, no two types of artisanal cannabis are exactly alike. And no two people are going to respond identically to the same kind of weed. It’s one of the beautiful mysteries surrounding the herb.

That being said, there is anecdotal evidence that certain strains generally have fairly typical effects on those who consume them.

Cannabis and humans have co-evolved for millennia. The relationship between mankind and the herb began in Central Asia, but now is now truly global in scale.

All mammals have cannabinoid receptors that bind with cannabinoids found in marijuana to provide a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. Our bodies are designed to interact with cannabis. And once you learn how your body reacts to specific kinds of marijuana, the easier it is for you to consume the herb to extract the benefits you’re seeking.

Here is a primer on which strains of cannabis are best for certain moods or feelings:


If you are struggling to get your creative juices flowing, there are strains of cannabis that will give you a helping hand. It doesn’t really matter if you’re trying to eliminate writer’s block, finish a jigsaw puzzle or practice the guitar, some types of cannabis can be your little creative helper.


Even if you’ve never smoked marijuana, no doubt you’ve heard countless jokes about the munchies. It’s probably the most commonly known effect of cannabis and rightly so. For patients suffering from AIDS, wasting syndrome, chemotherapy-related loss of appetite and other eating disorders, cannabis has been proven to enhance your desire to chow down. But you don’t have to be a patient to feel the effects. Marijuana makes food taste better.


If melatonin is not strong enough for you and prescription sleeping pills are a bit too much, you may find the perfect solution for a better night’s sleep with cannabis.  Insomnia is a serious issue for millions of Americans. It can lead to other health problems including stress, fatigue and general poor health. For a growing number of problem sleepers — particularly seniors — cannabis has become a nighttime ritual.


Not all strains of cannabis make you fall asleep or turn you into a lazy couch potato. Many athletes — from professional football players to weekend warriors — have discovered that some types of marijuana give your body a little lift and provides energy for a good workout. If a marathon is on your list of things to do this year, or you just want to have a more relaxing experience at your yoga class, give these strains a try. You may even enjoy the workout more.


Weed as an aphrodisiac? You’re damn right it is. Sex and marijuana go together. The herb was used in ancient cultures to increase libido, produce prolonged erections, delay climax, assist in lubrication and loosen sexual inhibitions. And today’s culture is no different. Put on your favorite music. Light a candle or two. Smoke one of these strains. And then get busy.


If you find yourself in a bad mood or you just want to feel a bit happier, cannabis can help lighten your mood and help your cares slip away. If you just want to kick back and laugh with your loved ones or watch a corny comedy on Netflix, try a few puffs of these strains. Warning: You may not be able to control your laughter for an hour or so.


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