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Watch a Truck Carrying Weed Edibles Burst Into Flames On A Delaware Bridge

Tragedy struck in Delaware earlier this week when a Weed World Candies filled with, uh, weed candies, burst into flames on the Delaware Memorial Bridge as it made its way into Philadelphia. No one was injured, but all of the weed edibles went up in smoke.

WPVI reports that firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and extinguished the massive fire, but not before the truck and its contents were completely destroyed. According to NBC 10, more than $50,000 worth of edibles and other merchandise were lost in the fire. All five people traveling in the RV escaped unharmed.

Video shot from other vehicles shows the truck burning in the center lane of the bridge. There’s no word what started the blaze, which WPVI reports brought traffic to a near standstill for an hour.


According to their website, Weed World Candies started operations in 1999 “with the goal to get Marijuana & Hemp legalized and industrialized.” They drive around the U.S. in “loud” RVs, vans, and trucks to promote the legalization of marijuana.


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