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Focus On This If You Want The Best Marijuana

Like wine, it can be tough figuring out the best marijuana to purchase – here is a key thing to know

When it comes to things we consume, if we haven’t tried it before it can be complicated. “Having tried a wine before is a strong predictor of choice,” Dr. Armando Corsi, Associate Professor with the University of Adelaide in Australia involved in a recent survey on wine purchases. “However, if you didn’t try it yourself, Australian and U.S. consumers tend to rely on price, whilst Italians seem to be guided more by the food they are going to match with that wine.”

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The survey included a total sample size of 2,014 wine consumers from the three countries (Italy, Australia and the U.S.). In the cannabis world, strength and price are the key decides. Price is usually a key decided, but you should focus on this if you want the best marijuana to smoke.

cannabis smell terpenes
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Aroma is the key point if you smoke. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for producing the distinct aromas. Notable scientists worldwide have taken time to investigate these compounds and shed more light on their existence. Terpenes are available in most plants and trees, like lavender, oranges, roses, mint, and our favorite plant, cannabis. While there needs to be more research, it is clear these compounds. occupy a crucial position.

In the cannabis ecosystem, terpenes play a direct role in cannabis’s acceptance within the human body. The first sense a consumer comes into contact with when holding cannabis is its aroma. All forms of cannabis, whether indica, sativa or hybrids, contain terpene compounds. These compounds determine how the entourage effect plays out. They are a key determinant of psychoactive and therapeutic cannabis effects. However, they’ve not been considered as much as they should be. To understand the interaction of cannabis compounds with receptors in the body, there has to be an in-depth understanding of the vital role terpenes play.

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Aromas help solidify vital memories and also help remember these memories. For instance, whenever I catch a whiff of strawberries, I remember my late grandparents’ farm and the beautiful memories I made there with my siblings and cousins. No matter how faint the aroma is, it can instantly transport you to another location or period.


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