Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Why Foria, The First Marijuana Based Lube, Is A Game Changer For Women

Foria is the first natural pleasure enhancement oil from California, made with a blend of coconut and cannabis oil and developed specifically for women and their partners, taking full advantage of the plant’s natural aphrodisiac properties that increase blood flow and promote relaxation.

Foria isn’t the first company to discover the fact that marijuana is one of nature’s greatest aphrodisiacs, but it is among the first to develop a product that blends pleasure and cannabis seamlessly, producing the fanciest and coolest lube in the world (weed lube).  You can purchase it at recreational dispensaries from across California and Colorado.

Foria’s effects are designed for women’s bodies, so men aren’t affected by it (not directly at least). We did some research on the topic and have come up with a basic list that explains the effects that Foria has on women’s bodies during the different stages of sex:

Kicking Things Off

Women have to apply Foria long before they get intimate, giving the product enough time to settle in and do it’s thing. Unlike regular lube, which you can use at any moment, Foria demands a little more preparation and forethought. You can compare it to a good edible, where you consume it and give it ample time for it to affect your body in the way that you want it to. According to Foria, you’re supposed to apply the lube 3 or 4 times on your privates and give it 30 to 40 minutes for it to work its magic. So be ready to wait a little, have a drink in hand or engage in some foreplay.


Interesting fact: Anyone will get high if they ingest Foria directly (through oral sex) so keep that in mind and don’t be surprised if you start feeling sleepy or like you’ve just consumed an edible when you haven’t applied the product directly on yourself. Unsurprisingly, Foria tastes like weed, and it gets women more excited than if they were just using average lube. 

Sex On Foria

Women describe their sensations and the high that Foria produces as different than the typical highs that cannabis offers, which are either focused on your head or on your whole body. This magic lube focuses all of these positive energies into women’s genitals, creating a localized and pleasurable high that’s really hard to compare to anything else. Giggle fits are not unheard of when having sex with Foria due to the unexpected effect cannabis produces and its amplified out of body sensation. This high will catch even the most experienced cannabis users off guard. 


Women explain that their orgasms on Foria are like regular orgasms, only better, with an added emotional depth that’s hard to put into words. These orgasms leave the body relaxed and stress free in ways that regulars orgasms can’t.  


Foria is a game changer, tapping into marijuana’s best properties and using them in unexpected ways to craft the best orgasms the world’s ever seen. Foria helps women let go of their thoughts and relax their brain, allowing them to forget about any insecurities that they may have and just get the most pleasure out of sex. 


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