Friday, September 29, 2023

How To Get Sex And Relationship Advice Online

Questions about sex and relationships can be embarrassing and awkward to ask. Luckily, the internet has an abundance of resources.

Relationships, whether you’re single or partnered up, never stop being challenging. It’s one of the topics that causes people the most stress, that sells the most self-help books and is reflected in just about everything, from movies and novels, to songs and Netflix movies.

While a friend can be a great confidant by listening to your problems and providing helpful advice, sometimes the help of an expert is what you need; someone who’s not as involved and who has a clear and distanced perspective on the situation, giving out advice that’s probably more layered than “dump him.”

Online resources can offer a lot of helpful tools at your disposal. Here are 5 great options you can check out:

Online support groups

Support groups connect you to people who have likely gone through similar experiences, allowing you to make connections and hopefully learn a thing or two about your current situation or relationships in general. To find these resources, you can use Facebook and Reddit or sites like Mental Health America, which match you to different support groups depending on your situation.

Online sex ed resources

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While a lot of people focus on the emotional side of relationships, there’s also the physical side of things, which can be even harder and more embarrassing to discuss with your friends. There’s plenty of well regarded sex ed resources online, containing helpful and safe information for everyone who’s interested or curious. Apps like Real Talk and websites like Planned Parenthood can answer all sorts of questions.

Apps and digital therapy

There’s plenty of apps that provide therapy that’s focused on romantic and sexual relationships, from the problems that arise while living together, to the pandemic and more. Talkspace, MindSail, 7 Cups and more are some of the most well regarded apps available. Before you star, here are 5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Online Therapy Sessions.

Advice columns

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Advice columns are popular for a reason. They provide support from someone who’s an expert at giving advice and telling people what they need and also want to hear. Aside from being very entertaining, these columns are usually written by experts, doctors or simply really great storytellers that will provide their personal opinions on relationships, couple drama, and more. Hola Papi, Dear Prudence, Ask Polly and Social Q’s contain some really great insight and make for some entertaining reading material.

Texting services

Texting services are also on the rise, providing quick answers on sex questions, pregnancies, STIs, how to have sex and how to tell someone you’re in love with them. Every topic is available for discussion. Some of the best resources include Planned Parenthood and Roo.


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