Wednesday, December 7, 2022

5 Soothing YouTube Channels To Watch When You’re Feeling Stressed

YouTube videos can provide a variety of effects, including free and soothing playlists. Here are some you shouldn’t miss!

Stress is one of those things that doesn’t let you think or act normally. Isolation, financial stress and worries over health are now some of the biggest sources of stress and anxiety for most people, and they’ve been rampant during the year. As always, YouTube videos may provide some help.

There’s a wide variety of YouTube channels out there designed to cater to your different needs, whether that’s entertainment or stress reduction. Another great thing about these channels is that, unlike meditation and anxiety soothing apps, they’re free.

Whether you’re craving the feel of sitting in a coffee shop to work or are looking for some traditional beach sounds, here are 5 YouTube channels that can help you throughout this pandemic:

Calmed by Nature

This channel is great for soothing anxiety and for harnessing and focusing creativity. Unlike many videos with soothing sounds available on YouTube, which simply put a background image of a beach and add some the sounds of waves in, these videos have visual and auditory cues. They last for long periods of time and never feel repetitive.

Ultimate Ambient Noise Soundzzz

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Designed to help people sleep or unwind after a long and stressful day, these videos feature animations and sounds that fluctuate and are soothing. There’s all kinds of soothing sounds in there, evoking the moods of rainy nights, thunderstorms, white noise ASMR, and more.

Jason Stephenson

Jason Stephenson updates videos regularly, providing guided visualization videos, guided meditations, lectures, and tons of relaxing music. It’s a good channel to follow for anyone who’s looking to de-stress.

The Guild of Ambiance

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Similar to all of the entries on this list, the Guild of Ambiance has different playlists evoking different moods. The main difference is that the account has a “Lord of The Rings” vibe to it, with playlists featuring swamp sounds, fireplace sounds, cave sounds and more. So if you’re into that, you won’t find a better channel.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature

This channel focuses on, like its name suggests, sounds of nature, encouraging people to disconnect from their computers for a bit. The channel has different playlists that evoke different moods such as virtual drives, birds singing, of being surrounded by snow, etc. If you’re feeling locked in and cooped up, there are few things that will provide more relief.



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