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Meet The Masseuse Who Bites Celebrity Butts For A Living

No oddities here, just another presentation of “Celebrities Are Into Kinky Stuff,” an (we guess) ongoing news report at The Fresh Toast. Last week it was Eyes Wide Shut-style parties. This week, a masseuse who is biting butts during massages.

That’s what celebrity massage therapist Dorothy Stein told The Mirror recently, anyways. Stein, who goes by the name Dr. Dot, has become infamous for her unique technique of administering deep bites into the backs and buttocks of her clients.

According to the Daily Mirror, Dr. Dot boastsan impressive roster of stars, including Kanye West, the late David Bowie, Rihanna, Keith Richards , Gwen Stefani , Eminem and Oasis – who were ‘massage virgins.’ ”

Her celebrity clientele began with the rock band Def Leopard, when she was 15 years old and wanted to attend their concert for free.

Via The Mirror:

It was a choice of either blow jobs or money or massage. So I chose massage.

She claims to have been to more than 3,000 concerts free of charge, thanks to her masseuse capabilities. The biting thing stemmed from her childhood, when she would give her mother massages at the age of five. Being a child, she couldn’t deliver the proper pressure and was instructed to bite her mother.

However, the technique has gained steam, according to Dr. Dot. She claims to have trained more than 1,000 “Dot Bots” (seriously, that’s what she called them) in bite massage therapy. So you might soon receive a nice bite on your bum during a massage; you’ll be just like the stars.


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