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Why Men Are Hurting Themselves During Sex More Than Ever

Having sex in the shower can be efficient as well as fun. Hot water can keep you warm in the colder months. It can relax you. And you can easily clean off after. But more Brits, specifically men, are reporting sex sprains in the shower at alarming rates. In fact, the number of middle-aged men needing medical treatment for sex injuries has quadrupled in the past five years. QUADRUPLED!

And sex sprains are on the low end of the injury spectrum. Slipping in the shower causes all types of trauma, including fractured bones, concussions and even hernias, according to osteopath Stephen Makinde, clinical director of the ‘Perfect Balance’ clinic in London.

Why the spike? Makinde believes it comes down to more people truthfully reporting the injury versus giving some sorry tale about a “fishing injury” or an accident resulting from “rescuing that young child from a speeding car.”

But lying only further hurts the already injured, as doctors can’t properly treat a patient unless they know what happened.

Makinde tells The Mirror that  he’s seen “patients who haven’t been honest with their first, second, third or even fourth practitioner about how they’ve sustained their injury” and that his (and other doctors’) work is stymied because they don’t have all the details.

Around 80 percent of non-sporting injuries Mr Makinde treats are caused by sexually athletic couples.

He says most patients are men in their mid 50s, but women are  not excluded.

“When it comes to sex, we see everything from neck injuries to wrist fractures, ankle sprains and, of course, back problems. Hernias are common, too, close to where the adductor muscles of the pelvic region become strained.

“With the back, we see everything from facet joint locks – where the back spasms and locks in a particular position – to full-blown disc prolapses and sciatic pain.

“And the reasons for the rise in sexual injuries is intriguing. To me it’s also a positive, because it shows the patient-clinician relationship is working at a point where there’s real trust.”


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