Monday, September 21, 2020
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This Guy’s Enormous ‘Star Wars’ Yard Display Is Winning Halloween

Halloween is like an Olympic sport these days. Only the best homes survive. If you’re not giving out full-sized candy bars and your Netflix password, you best have something else up your sleeve.

An Ohio man figured his trick-or-treat contribution this year would be a giant replica of an AT-AT (“Star Wars” translation: All Terrain Armored Transport) that’s about the same size as his two-story house in Parma.

Nick Meyer tells the Associated Press he started scaling his modest yard ornament beginning in April. He says it took about six months of weekend work.

We really didn’t know how well it’d go together until it was all together because everything was built separately — the body was separate, the legs were separate — so luckily it all kind of pieced in really well.

Meyer tells he made the walker with hard foam, wood and plastic barrels. And despite appearances, Meyer admits he’s not a “Star Wars” fanatic, “I just thought it would be neat to build a walker. It’s something unique.”

Meyer’s wife Becky says every year she and Nick put something different out in the yard because Halloween is their favorite time of year,  “We just like to do it up big if we can.”

Nick says the kids love it and even some adults freak out over it when they drive by.

“You can hear them screaming out of their cars ‘Oh my god I’ve got to stop!’, so it’s been crazy.”

Nick says celebrating Halloween keeps him young and yes, of course, he’s dressing up for Halloween, but you’ll never guess as what. According to his wife, she’ll be dressing up as Darth Vader and Nick will be going as Princess Leia. ”

The couple will do it up again next year. Says Nick, “I’ll keep doing it until I decide to call it quits!”


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