Friday, September 25, 2020
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Half Of The Population In Canada Wants Marijuana Edibles

Justin Trudeau proposed a bill that could legalize recreational marijuana by the summer of 2018, a promise that goes way back to 2015 where it was one of his main proposals during his presidential campaign. While the country has had access to legal medical marijuana since 2001, this bill could make Canada the first industrialized country to legalize cannabis, an incredible feat for proponents of the plant from all over the world.

Although Canada seems to be ahead of the US in some marijuana related areas, when it comes to vapes, edibles, and other forms of consuming cannabis, they’re trailing behind. The new proposed bill does not address other forms of marijuana apart from smoking, in fact, edibles, oils, and vapes will still be considered illegal. 

A new study conducted by Dalhousie University shows the disparity between the government and the people, claiming that 46 percent of Canadians want to try edibles, a very positive statistic that shows how open minded the people of the country are when it comes to marijuana. The study surveyed over a thousand men and women and asked them several question, one of them being proving that 40 percent of them want to try cannabis infused foods. 

While there are no plans for edibles and vapes in the future of Canada, there’s still hope. If marijuana becomes legal, which is very likely, people within the industry will come up with ways to provide for the demands of the citizens of Canada.


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