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Science: Hotel Sex Is The Hottest Sex Of All And Now We Know Why

The idea of hot hotel sex makes couples want to book rooms on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. They believe that a change in scenery can provide an escape from normalcy and will work wonders for their sex life. Now this belief is backed up by research.

For starters, couples tend to get inspired when they’re at hotels. They like to dress up, drink alcohol, listen to music, and eat chocolates, all of which affects directly on the amount of dopamine their bodies produce, making them happier and more relaxed than usual. The fact that they’re in a new place is also a dopamine booster, which is a little crazy but we’ll go along with it.

Checking into a hotel also triggers a feeling in couples as if they were going on a vacation, even if they’re just booking one night on an crappy hotel located in the town they’ve always lived at. This mini vacay makes couples forget a little about their responsibilities, their jobs and kids, giving them a feeling of escape and relaxation, prompting them to make the most out of the moment.

Obviously, the fancier the hotel the better. A beautiful lobby, clean sheets, a stocked up mini bar and some room service can truly do miracles for every couple in the world.

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