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This Guy Is Crowdfunding A Trip To The Caribbean So He Can Lose His Virginity

Brian is a virgin. Brian wants to stop being a virgin, so his next logical step is not to talk to someone and go on a date, but to create a crowdfunding page to fund his crazy expensive sex island trip. This trip to the Caribbean, organized by Good Girls Company, would give Brian access to over 60 prostitutes, and he’s funded over 4,800 dollars. His final goal is 5,000 dollars.

The trip is advertised as a 4 day holiday filled with debauchery, with over 30 guests that are made to feel like kings, enjoying endless sex, booze, drugs and the performances of an unnamed British performer (maybe Sam Smith?). Once you buy your ticket for the festival, food, tours, alcohol, executive villas, and more are included.

Via LADBible:

“Is it not a man’s basic human right to at least get laid?

Here’s what you need to know about me: I’ve never had a girlfriend.

I’ve had my fair share of texting relationships but they always end with me saying something really inappropriate and then the girl goes silent. It’s a real fucking bummer.

I think it’s time for me to experience love and maybe something more. I think feeling a women’s touch will help me get out of my shell. Donate below and make my wet dreams come true!”

Even though the statements on his crowdfunding page weren’t the most elaborate or you know, worthy, Brian’s succeeded in funding most of his goal, so he must be doing something right. Maybe we should follow Brian’s advice and crowd fund for anything we want; a new laptop, or a house.

If you want to help out Brian, you can do so here.


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