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TFT’s 5 Funniest Moments From Super Bowl Media Day

Super Bowl Media Day isn’t meant to produce answers, just responses. This truth was evident this year once again, as the game took a backseat to wild antics concocted by media and personalities alike.

Here are the five wackiest moments from Super Bowl Media Day.

Cooper Manning’s Money Suit

So while Peyton Manning is retired and his brother Eli was eliminated in the playoffs, it doesn’t mean a Manning brother wasn’t present this year. Introducing Cooper Manning, who works as an analyst for Fox Sports, the network broadcasting the game.

None of this explains why he’s wearing a suit made of money. But life’s greatest joys often don’t need explanation.

Reporters In Costume

We sort of get Cooper Manning’s money suit, or at least why he’d wear it. It’s fly, what more reason do you need? But nobody understands this moment, including the reporters wearing the costumes themselves. And who is interviewing who here? How did that man acquire the Burt Reynolds’ cowboy hat? And how can I buy one?

Fake Tom Brady

We know this was a stunt created by Bleacher Report during Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, but honestly, nope.

Just nope.

Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger, May I Take Your Order?

Kel Mitchell, he of Keenan & Kel and All That fame, is a legend just for Pizzaface. Ed, who began as an All That character that spawned the Good Burger movie, made an appearance during the Super Bowl.

The explanation: Probably to promote his live action Nick show Game Shakers.

Guillermo Becomes Our Hero

Is this a sly joke by Guillermo that Super Bowl Media Day is basically one big joke and the answers these players relay are meaningless and might as well be fed into a turkey leg? Who knows. But Guillermo certainly wins the day for this one.


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