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Tom Brady, Mario Lopez Drool Over Mark Wahlberg’s Abs; Orlando Bloom...

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12 Celebrities And The Foods They Refuse To Eat

Some people hate the texture of mushrooms, while others can't stand the sight of peas Here are 12 famous people and the foods they want no part of.

Birth Of Prince Harry’s Son Might End Feud With William; Gisele...

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This Kid Won His Science Fair By Proving Tom Brady Is...

This 10-year-old’s brilliant science fair project not only proved Tom Brady is a cheater, but won his school's science fair.

Kensington Palace Is Very Worried About Trolls Hating On Both Duchesses;...

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Tom Brady Reacts To David Beckham Kissing Daughter On The Lips;...

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Patriots Lost Super Bowl Because Malcolm Butler Was Caught With Marijuana

Much to the delight of many across America, the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl Sunday.

Why Tom Brady Is Cocky, Ignorant And Will Be Cursed Forever...

Tom Brady has reason to be cocky. The only quarterback to win five Super Bowls, he won the last in highly dramatic fashion.

The Atlanta Falcons Should Win Super Bowl Because America Wins, Too

The Atlanta Falcons should win the Super Bowl. That is not a statement made in prognostication, but in best possible outcome.

TFT’s 5 Funniest Moments From Super Bowl Media Day

Super Bowl Media Day isn’t meant to produce answers, just responses. This truth was evident this year once again, as the game took a backseat.