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So, How Can We Get Amazon To Send Us 65 Pounds...

A couple ordered four plastic storage bins on Amazon, but when their package arrived, the totes were already being utilized...with 65 pounds of marijuana.

After Raising $27 Million, Eaze Will Soon Deliver Recreational Marijuana

The cannabis delivery app Eaze will soon enter the recreational cannabis market in California, after raising $27 million in Series B financing.

Amazon To Help Seattle Homeless By Gifting Mary’s Place With Space

Amazon will gift the Mary’s Place shelter in Seattle with 47,000 square feet of space in one of its new six-story office buildings.

7 Great Weed Products You Can Order On Amazon Right Now

Winter is here, which means you should try to stay inside as much as possible. And what better way to beat the cold and...

No Reindeer Needed: Watch Drone Pull Santa Claus Across The Mountain

Humans manufacture drones for many purposes. Some reasons are nefariously about money, like Amazon’s drone delivery, while other times Santa just wants to surf.

Uber’s Driverless Cars, And 5 Other Examples Of Machines Winning

“Hello, your driverless car has arrived.” That message is greeting Uber users in Pittsburgh today, as the company unveils its brand-new driverless car function....