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Gossip: Prince Harry’s New Career; Anderson Cooper Wants Kathy Griffin Back

Prince Harry's new career; Anderson Cooper wants Kathy Griffin back.

Why Sean Hannity Called CNN The “Fake New Cannabis News Network”

During CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, the network cut to anchor Randi Kaye who was stationed in Denver, Colorado, and Sean Hannity has something to say about it.

Gossip: Kathy Griffin To Tell All About Anderson Cooper; Taylor Swift...

Kathy Griffin to tell all about Anderson Cooper; Taylor Swift fired her mom.

Gossip: Kathy Griffin Rips Anderson Cooper As ‘Spineless Heiress;’ Meghan Markle’s...

Kathy Griffin rips Anderson Cooper as ‘spineless heiress;’ Meghan Markle’s half-sister writing memoir.

Gossip: Jay-Z Explains Twins’ Names; Kathy Griffin And Anderson Cooper Are...

Jay-Z explains twins’ names; Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are over.

Gossip: What CNN Bans From Anderson Cooper’s Dressing Room; Justin Bieber...

What CNN bans from Anderson Coopers’ dressing room; Justin Bieber not returning anyone’s calls

Gossip: Steve Bannon Television Bio-Series Coming; Anderson Cooper’s Biggest Turn-On

Steve Bannon Television Bio-Series Coming; Anderson Cooper’s Biggest Turn-On

Gossip: Anderson Cooper Says More On Kathy Griffin Controversy; Blake Lively...

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Anderson Cooper says more on Kathy Griffin controversy; Blake Lively does not want Ryan Reynolds partying.