Saturday, December 3, 2022

Gossip: Prince Harry’s New Career; Anderson Cooper Wants Kathy Griffin Back

Prince Harry did such a great job interviewing President Obama that he is now getting offers of a new career: TV host!

“The Prince Harry interview got massive ratings and made news around the world. Now the BBC have offered him his own show interviewing whomever he wants,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Harry can literally pick up a phone and book the biggest guests in the world. If he had his own TV show he would be bigger than Oprah. Who is going to say “no” to being interviewed by Harry?”

Insiders reveal that Harry has not accepted the full-time job offer but has agreed to do several more interviews over the next year. “He is good at this and it is a lot more fun than kissing babies and opening hospitals,” adds another source.

Anderson Cooper Wants Kathy Griffin Back

Andy Cohen replaced Kathy Griffin on CNN’s “New Years Eve Countdown,” but it wasn’t just the viewers who were disappointed; even Anderson missed his longtime co-host.

“Anderson and Kathy finished each others sentences. She knew how to bring out the best in him. Kathy knew what to say to make him blush and laugh. She is a comedian and has years of material at her disposal. Kathy has thousands of jokes ready to drop when the moment is right. Plus, no one does more preparation than she does. Kathy would work hours and hours writing the show and working on funny lines and funny bits. It was unfair to think Andy Cohen could replace that,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Anderson misses Kathy. Andy was doing his best but it wasn’t the same without her. The whole crew knew her and she knew all their names. Andy doesn’t roll like that. He isn’t as friendly and seemed nervous. Without Kathy, Anderson thinks it might be time for him to retire from Times Square and let CNN try something totally different.”

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