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Coming Soon: A Museum Where You Eat And Smell Disgusting Food

Visitors of the museum will get to smell and taste some of the world's most infamous foods through an experience that's meant to be challenging and educational.

WATCH: This Giant 3-Foot Wasp’s Nest Will Make You Cry

A video is making the rounds of a pest control guy discovering a giant wasp's nest in a client's garage. In the video, you can hear pest control expert Shane Jones say, "We have here, a monster!"

Caterpillars Could Be Our Secret Answer To Removing The World’s Waste

One solution to the world's waste problem, as scientists recently discovered could lie within a type of caterpillar known as the waxworm.

Stadi-Yum? Insects Are Newest Concession At Seattle’s Safeco Field

Toasted grasshoppers aren't replacing peanuts and Cracker Jacks anytime soon, but they are the hot new concession at Seattle's Safeco Field.