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The Queen Isn’t Happy About Meghan Markle’s Choice To Raise Her...

Although the couple has had some liberty with how they raise their child and the private lifestyle they've chosen to embrace, the Queen wonders if it's healthy to raise a baby vegan.

Meghan Markle Is Really Struggling With ‘The Intensity Of Spotlight’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been clear about their desire to keep their life and the first months of their newborn private.

Here’s One Thing You’ll Never See A British Royal Do

The rule was broken by both Princess Diana and Prince Charles, but the monarchy frowns upon the practice for fear of forgery.

Here’s Why Experts Think Meghan Markle Has Traded Her ‘Messy’ Bun...

The Duchess of Sussex has been sporting a new look. She's traded her signature messy bun for a sleeker, more tidy look. And if you believe experts, it has nothing to do with fashion choice.

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Chrissy Metz Says She Met Her Boyfriend on Instagram; Where Meghan...

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Prince Harry’s Advice To Meghan Markle As She Navigates Being A...

Harry is hugely supportive of his wife, even while she bucks protocol left and right, but according to a royal insider, Harry has recommended that Meghan "move with ease." 

Jay-Z Has This Key Piece Of Parenting Advice For Harry And...

What happens when two pairs of pop culture royalty come together? They talk about their kids, of course.

Meghan Markle’s 5 Genius Tricks For Beating Jet Lag

When you travel a lot like Meghan Markle, it's important to look fresh-faced for your next personal appearance.

Meghan Markle Is Being Mom Shamed For Doing This In Public

"She can't have any maternal instincts at all," Tweeted one hater. But parenting experts are coming to Meghan's defense.