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Tips For Getting And Giving A Great G-Spot Orgasm

Most women (and men) obsess over the G-spot. Whether it exists, where its located, what does it do, anyways, the list is endless. A lot of people claim that G-Spots don’t exist, even though most physicians and doctors have biological proof that they do. The hard thing when it comes to this legendary area is to locate it and then to stimulate it properly, which is why we’ve come up with this simple list. Check out these helpful tips:

Locate The Area

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The G-Spot is located behind the pelvic bone and it’s easier to find with fingers or a dildo (toys are normally curved for this reason), curving them up inside the vagina towards the belly button. Popsugar reports that people shouldn’t focus on size and that they should try to stimulate the anterior wall of the vagina.

Find What Feels Good

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Experiment with different types of pressure, movements, and whatever you can think of. Maybe G-Spot stimulation isn’t enough to trigger an orgasm for you, so try pairing it with other things, like stimulating the clitoris, or kissing. 

Remember The Right Positions

The more you explore and find things you like, the more you’ll have to repeat them and increase the chance of orgasm. Try positions that stimulate the upper vaginal wall, like missionary with a couple of pillows under your butt. Keep trying with vibrators and have patience because every body is different.

If You Can’t Orgasm That’s Okay

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While some women can obtain G-Spot orgasms, some can’t, and that’s okay. The important part is to enjoy yourself, and getting to know your body will always lead to better sex, which is what people are looking for when they click on an article such as this one. 


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