Friday, September 24, 2021


Here’s A Robot That Will Make Sure Your Doritos Are Available For Purchase

It’s an AI robot that stocks retail shelves, ensuring customers will always be able to buy Doritos or Mountain Dew whenever they wanted.

Colorado: Surpasses $1 Billion In Marijuana Sales In Just 10 Months

It took just 10 months for Colorado to hit $1 billion in legal marijuana sales this year.

Hey, Seattle: Help Feed Underprivileged Kids By Buying Marijuana

Origins Recreational and Gold Leaf Gardens in partnership with the West Seattle Food Bank, have launched a “Feed our Future” campaign that will run throughout the month of December.

Green Friday! Marijuana Sales Spike For The Holidays

"It looks like people stock up before the holiday on products that are easy to share among friends and family," said Scott Vickers, Headset's chief technology officer.

Diego Pellicer: Seattle’s Swankiest Marijuana Store Opens Its Doors

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." That's how Coco Chanel, iconic designer and legendary businesswoman, described her brand's enduring ethos. That same richness, sophistication...

The Adventures of Walter & Tiffany: Evergreen Market

We had planned to leave the Seattle area today and head east toward Colorado, but we just fell in love with The Great Northwest...

Marijuana Sales To Top $41 Million Over 3-Day Holiday Weekend

Like the cannabis holiday on April 20th (420) and the Fourth of July, Labor Day marks one of the highest grossing sales days in the cannabis industry. Once again, MJ Freeway takes...


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