Tuesday, December 6, 2022

This Guy Overdosed On Edibles And Shared His Scary Experience On TikTok

Benjamin Jenner shared a TikTok of his paralyzing cannabis experience with edibles. The video quickly went viral.

An Australian man was left paralyzed after eating an edible in Amsterdam, and now, millions of people know the story. Benjamin Jenner uploaded a TikTok video featuring a photo of him passed out in bed, looking petrified.

According to Jenner, he couldn’t feel any part of his body after consuming an edible, as if he were “sinking into a bed.” He discussed his experience from 2018 when he was backpacking through Europe and made a stop in Amsterdam. It was there where he bought a pot brownie.

“I had never tried marijuana as a joint or a brownie before as it’s illegal here in Australia so I definitely wanted to make the most out of my holidays by trying one,” he said. “I was only told to try a small section but it wasn’t kicking in, and because I don’t understand limits I naturally just ate the whole thing because it was so dense and nice, which was a big mistake.”

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Situations like this are the most common amongst edible newbies, who think the initial portion they took is not enough to provide any effects. Edibles are absorbed through the stomach lining, a process that can take a few hours to experience.

“I felt like I was sinking into the bed and the mattress was swallowing me whole. It was so bad. I had my eyes closed and I genuinely could not move any part of my body even though I was conscious. I knew in my mind that I was clearly high, but my brain could not register to move any part of my body,” he continued.

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Photo by Sarah Pender/Getty Images

According to Jenner, his TikTok prompted a surge of responses from people, who laughed and said they’d experienced similar things.

Edibles are finicky, taking their sweet time to kick in. Once consumed, the edible must go through the digestive tract and then be broken down, with some parts absorbed in the liver. It can take an hour or two for your digestive system to break down the edible, making it very common for people to overdose on them.

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