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Royal Movie Alert: Who Will Play Prince Harry And Meghan Markle?

The Lifetime channel is making a movie out of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's romance, because nothing stays good in this world forever.

Who’ll Be Invited To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding?

One of the most debated subjects right now is who'll make the guest list to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, with half-siblings and all sorts of people popping up from every corner claiming that they expect an invitation.

This Forgotten Royal Family Member May Show Up At Meghan And...

Meghan Markle will officially become a member of the royal family on May 19th when she marries Prince Harry at the Windsor Castle.

Meghan Markle Has To Pay How Much Money To Move To...

While Meghan Markle has been living in London for some time, it has recently been revealed that she'll have to pay BANK in order to become a permanent resident of the UK.

Body Language Experts Say Meghan Markle Is Trying Desperately To Fit...

Body language experts have been looking over Meghan Markle's photographs trying to get a glimpse inside her mind and the Royal Family.

Before Becoming A Royal, Meghan Markle Wanted A Lollipop Empire

Way back in 2012, Markle and a friend registered a trademark for a candy store called "Lali," which would've sold lollipops and candy drops.

Meghan Markle Will Shatter Another Tradition On Her Wedding Day

The royal wedding is planned for May 19, 2018 at St. George's Chapel, where they expect around 800 guests.

See It: Meghan Markle’s 3 Favorite Pieces Of Jewelry

Meghan Markle has always been fond of some fine pieces of jewelry that are affordable to common peasants like us.