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Body Language Experts Say Meghan Markle Is Trying Desperately To Fit In

Body language experts have been looking over Meghan Markle’s photographs trying to get a glimpse inside her mind and the Royal Family. Each appearance is protected in ways that differ greatly from most celebrities. Every time the Royals come out, it’s a pre-planned affair; you won’t get any spontaneous Instagram pics or videos from them.

Traci Brown, author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Influence, tells the Daily Express that Meghan Markle’s photos show someone who’s trying to blend in to her surroundings, and someone who is genuinely happy to be with Prince Harry. Brown believes the actress is not trying to attract much attention when she attends events, and that the couple acts very much like they did for their engagement images.

In this scene, the most interesting thing is that it’s exactly what we’ve seen from Harry and Meghan through their engagement pictures. She’s holding Harry close, he puts his hand in the front of his coat. This shows that they’re a unit with a united front.

When it comes to Prince Harry, Brown believes he has a protective role and that he wants to keep some distance from the media. As for Markle, she’s just trying to fit in and to not be a star. Brown also believes that when the wedding day comes, Markle will glow and own the moment, and that she’ll grow more and more comfortable with her current role.

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