Friday, December 13, 2019
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Meghan Markle Has To Pay How Much Money To Move To The UK?

While Meghan Markle has been living in London for some time, it has recently been revealed that she’ll have to pay BANK in order to become a permanent resident of the UK.

This is due to the long process she’ll follow to achieve British residency. According to the BBC (by way of the Daily Express), she’s been staying in the UK with a family visa, which states that she has to get married within 6 months. After getting married, she must renew her family visa every 2 years, until she’s lived in the UK for 5 years and she’s able to qualify for a permanent residency.

Things get complicated and expensive when you take into account her income and worth, which is over 5 million dollars, forcing her to pay a large amount of taxes. According to Daily Express, because of her status, she’ll have to pay taxes for the UK and for the United States.

Every time Markle earns royalties for an episode, or shows up on a cover spread on a magazine, she’ll be charged a pricey tax fee. Even princesses have to pay taxes, which is kind of a comforting thought.

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