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Genius Makes Earrings Out Of Airpods So They Won’t Get Lost

The Airpods are inventive and practical but they’re also easy to lose. Although no one is a fan of chords and tangles, Apple struck a nerve when they decided the future was wireless, eliminating audio ports from their smartphones and forcing those who still can’t let go of their headphones to carry around an adapter.

Gabrielle Reily, a paralegal who is also very crafty, came up with the perfect solution: transforming your Airpods into earrings. This way you’ll never lose them and you’ll also carry around a perfect icebreaker. The post quickly went viral.

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“I absolutely refuse to lose them. My cat ate through two pairs of Beats bluetooth earphones, and all my other earphones,” she said in an interview with Buzzfeed, sharing the struggle of millions. “I made earrings. I also have a chain necklace that I used to connect them. It took me maybe around an hour to make the earrings because I had to custom make the piece that connects the AirPods to the earrings.”

Reily’s Airings (get it?) are available to purchase online and have a detachable part, allowing you to still have earrings if you decide that you want to listen to music.

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Reily recognizes that Airpods have become a joke of sorts and the reception of the Airings has been mixed. “For most people I feel like the earrings are a joke. And they kind of are to me. But, a functional joke,” she says.


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