Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Lasagna Is The New Baby Gender Reveal Nobody Wanted

American restaurant chain Villa Italian Kitchen is being credited (blamed?) for introducing lasagna into the baby gender reveal game. If you need someone to throw a plate of red sauce at, you know who to point the finger at. Following a string of dangerous gender reveal parties that include wrestling with an alligator and a fire that cost the state of Arizona $8 million, this idea doesn’t seem all that wild. Just a little bit nasty.

TODAY reports that the gender reveal lasagna is a spin on the gender reveal cake, letting parents and guests know the gender of the baby through the coloring of the pasta filling.

The restaurant sells this package for $139 and it doesn’t stop at made-to-order lasagna. The price also buys you equally head-scratching gender sides, like garlic rolls and a side of Greek or Ceasar salad. “We can’t wait to see all the videos of guests revealing their babies’ genders to family and friends in such a unique way,” said Villa Italian Kitchen’s Stephanie Beamer in a statement.

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Of all the ways in which you can reveal the gender of your baby, finding out through pasta is not such a bad idea. You could also just tell people the gender, or if you like surprises that much, just wait and see once the baby is born. Either way is fine.

Villa Italian Kitchen is encouraging people to use the #LasagnaReveal hashtag in order to have a chance of winning a quarterly catering giveaway, so they can have even more blue or pink lasagna to share.


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