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Um, There’s A Valentine’s Day Sweater You Can Wear With Your Dog

Single people are not particularly fond of Valentine’s Day, and it’s easy to understand why. This Hallmark holiday needlessly and relentlessly magnifies singledom. The entire day mocks those not in relationships for their lonely existence and inability to post #CoupleGoals pics on Instagram. (Pay no attention to those who actually choose to be single.)

But, wait! Lonely hearts just got closer to their hashtag dreams. If your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day includes a companion that’s dependable, snuggly and loves to cover you in kisses, Zulily has got your back.

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Introducing the company’s newest fashion accessory that celebrates the endless love you have with your better half — your dog— with an amazing two-headed sweater. You read that correctly.

This sweater provides a strong case for those who’d rather stay in on Valentine’s Day, keeping their dog close and snug in order to eat some snacks and have the perfect movie marathon. The sweater comes in multiple styles and can fit humans and dogs, displaying phrases like “Double Trouble” and “Heartbreaker” because what is V-Day without some cheesy quips?

You can purchase the sweater on Zulily’s website. What are you waiting for?


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