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Watch This Runner Lose Race Because ‘Spider-Man Attacked Him’

Sometimes the universe doesn’t want you to win. You can do everything right and still things will turn wrong. Even if you’re perfect, the disastrous remains possible. The National University of Ireland Galway’s Aengus Meldon learned this lesson the hard way recently. During the Irish Universities Athletics Association Indoor Championships’ 800-meter preliminary, Meldon was  a runner in the lead. He was going to win.

Then a pole vault warm-up bar flew in from nowhere, wrapping around his legs. His feet tangled, another competitor was able to catch Meldon who by all means should’ve won.

The gold, however, was when the announcer shouted in astonishment, “It was like Spider-Man threw something at him. Spider-Man attacked him.”

Guess Meldon was on Captain America’s side.

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