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These Spotify Playlists Will Put Your Workout Into High Gear

You’re at the gym feeling unmotivated and about to just give up and go home. You click the next button on your playlist a few more times hoping for a little inspiration and then, as if it was destiny, it happens. All of a sudden that one song that can always get you to push yourself further precedes to play.

The key to a successful workout, or movie, or actually most moments in life, can be as simple as the setting the right soundtrack. Gyms around the world emphasize the importance of a solid playlist, and many have transformed their programming to reflect the niche music tastes of their members. Even so, sometimes your gym’s playlist doesn’t reflect your mood. It can be hard to curate your own playlist every time you get sick of the songs you’ve had on replay for the past ten days, which is why we’re about to give you a few suggestions.


According to Spotify’s data, which as of June, 2016 had over 100 million users, these are the top ten workout playlists of the moment:

  1. Dance Workout
  2. Power Workout
  3. Cardio
  4. Para Entrenar
  5. Workout Twerkout
  6. Workout Remix
  7. Latin Dance Cardio
  8. Electro Workout
  9. Workout
  10. The Rock Workout


While these may be the most popular, trendy isn’t always terrific. If what’s hot right now isn’t enough to make you break a sweat, here are five of our favorite playlists of the moment:

For the hip-hop lovers:

For the rock n’ rollas:

For those who like to keep it old school, but not too old:


If it’s all about that bass:

To keep you current:



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